Stefan Eichinger:
Composer, Producer, A&R and Engineer


You probably best know LOPAZZ for the quality, avant-garde club music he's produced for labels like Get Physical, Cocoon, Poker Flat and London's legendary Output Recordings, but his career as a multimedia artist is far more colourful and diverse than you might've imagined.

His first serious involvement with music began in the early 90s, since 1996 he's been a part of the "HD800" team, founded by legendary Dman operating a techno club, record labels and a recording studio.

LOPAZZ is also renowned as a film and television composer, having written and performed more than 70 TV- and documentary scores over the years. Since 1999, he has been providing original compositions and productions for UNESCO's "World Heritage", Along Mekong´s "Wanderlust", "The Foodhunter" and "Marco Polo Reloaded" as well as Michael Martin´s "Planet Desert".

With typical interest in musical process and commitment to authenticity, he travelled to China, Ethiopia, South-Africa and Mongolia, recording orchestras, singers and monks in order to enrich this soundtrack.

Some of his finest work for film and television was collected in the 800achtspur compilation, "18 Themes for TV-Documentaries" (2003) and his Albums on Get Physical "Ambient Film Themes Vol.1 & 2" ( 2009/2010 ). He's always had a sense of fun, though, and his love of TV and music resulted in his cheeky 2001 rework of the classic "Miami Vice" and "Magnum" themes with Redagain P.

In 2003, LOPAZZ' self-titled EP of off-kilter dance music was discovered by Andreas Baumecker and released on his Freundinnen Label, later signed by Trevor Jackson's Output Recordings, followed by the singles "Blood", remixed by Tiefschwarz and his first bona fide club hit "I Need Ya". "I Need Ya" was licensed for a limited edition Japanese release by French fashion label Colette, and its success led to LOPAZZ remixing Germany's biggest pop act Xavier Nadoo, while techno legend Sven Vaeth snapped up "I Need Ya" for his "Sound of the Fourth Season" mix CD.

His relationship with Berlin-based Get Physical began in 2003 with his remix of Chelonis R. Jones' "I Don't Know", followed by the label's release of his own deep, twisted vocal track "Migracion". Get Physical commissioned a subsequent remix 12", featuring epic, forward-thinking versions from now firmly established Chilean superstars Luciano and Ricardo Vilallobos.

Further releases for Compost Black Label, Output and Lasergun cemented LOPAZZ' reputation as an artist of real originality and significance. He became an increasingly in-demand remixer. Alexander Robotnick, Isolée, The Rapture, Gus Gus, Kasper Bjorke, Justin Martin, Tiger Stripes number among his happy clients to date.

In 2007 he released a new 12" for the label, this time entitled "Share My Rhythm" ( co-written like "Blood" & "Migracion" by his "Bad Cop Bad Cop" partner-in-crime Alex Cortex ). In the same year LOPAZZ released his album "Kook Kook", a perfect document of his witty and avant-garde electronic funk blueprint - playful, imaginative, intimate and impossible to pigeon-hole.

From 2010 to 2012 LOPAZZ co-produced all tracks, releases and remixes for DJ T. like "The Pleasure Principle" Album ( with remixes by Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, A Tale Of Us, Clockwork) and the remix for Phreek "Passion" and the Edit for Black Light Smoke "Lovework".

A further collaboration with M.A.N.D.Y completed the production-phase that started in Iceland 2008 with releases on Watergate X, Renaissance and the Album "Double Fantasy" on Get Physical Music in 2016.

From 2000-2014 LOPAZZ has been performing live on an extensive world-tour, playing live at hot spots and clubs like D'Edge in Sao Paulo, Watergate / Weekend / Berghain / Tresor in Berlin, Bataclan in Paris, Fabric London, The Standard/ Le Bain in New York City, Asylum in Honolulu / Hawai'i, Monarch in San Francisco, Cocoon In Frankfurt, Amnesia in Milano, Rooftop Moscow , Treehouse & Electric Pickle Miami, Lola / Shanghai, Privilege / Ushuaia on Ibiza and many more.

LOPAZZ became an increasingly in-demand mixing and mastering engineer for artists like Axel Boman, Booka Shade, John Talabot, Running Back, Tuff City Kids, Art Department & Seth Troxler, Lauer, Fort Romeau to name just a few. His studios belong to the top-notch facilities for writing, production, mixing and mastering.

Restless as ever, LOPAZZ is currently dividing his time between the studio, where he's working on new material with Gerd Janson, Casio Casino and Rossano Snel and the publishing-office with A&R work for artists and labels.

Steffen Neuert:
Composer, Producer and Engineer

Composer and Producer Steffen Neuert has been musically active since the early 1990´s with releases of „Bergheim34" on Klang Elektronik and „Sad Rockets" on Source-Records ( in co-production with Andrew Pekler ), followed by the highly acclaimed „LOPAZZ & Casio Casino" releases on Get Physical Music.

His scores for „The Foodhunter" ( in co-production with Stefan Eichinger ) have been broadcasted on European TV-channels like „Arte" and the ARD-channels several thousand times since 2005.

He´s running the independent production- and recording-suite „Studio Heidelberg" in Heidelberg, Germany. Under his „Casio Casino"- alter ego he´s recently released new vinyl-record 12" „Songs from the Basment". His new scores for TV-documentaries get on air in 2017.

Ailie Robertson:
Composer, Conductor & Performer

Listening to Ailie Robertson play the harp is as close as I expect to come to hearing ‘heavenly music’. Her album ‘Little Lights’ is precisely what we’ve come to expect from a lady whose awe inspiring touch on the Celtic harp or clàrsach, borders on the sublime. This album is an exquisite collection of Scottish, Irish, Quebecois and original tunes, mixing tradition and innovation to quite simply sweep through your soul with the touch of an enlivening balm that makes the worst of days a little better.

Virtuoso is an oft misapplied word, not in this case. Choose composer or musician, innovator or improviser, each is true. The terms matter not, what does matter is this lady’s all-consuming talent and an album of genuine presence. From the opening notes of the French waltz, ‘La Valse à Huit Ans’ through the couplet of jigs ‘The Kilmovee/ Sailing Down Fulton Street’ to the gorgeous slow air, ‘The Wild Geese’ this will hold you enthralled.

The richness of this album flows and returns in waves, there’s the joyous delight in ‘Old Maids of Galway/ Downey’s/ Brian Kelly’s’, the sparkling vivacity of ‘Around the Fairy Fort/ The Shetland Fiddler’, and he quintessential delight of ‘The Fairy Queen’. There's never a single moment when you’re not completely absorbed.

Ailie states: “…my intention was to make an album that was very much solo harp, but to use the harp in as creative way possible.” Listening to ‘Little Lights’ I’d say that’s exactly what she’s achieved. The music ranges from basic plucked string tones, to percussive sounds and manipulating the harp's natural resonance. Ailie builds up the percussive beats from striking the harp with hands, brushes and beaters – and the result is something to be heard time and time again. The level of inventiveness and accomplishment is awe inspiring.

‘Little Lights’ features Ailie Robertson (harp) Natalie has (cello) and Tim Edey (guitar, accordion). Look here for more about Ailie Robertson and ‘Little Lights’:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll

Rossano Snel:
Composer, Conductor & Performer

"I'm a composer and pianist from Brazil, based in Berlin. If you wanna listen to my music, you can find it here on my site and also in Bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, AppleMusic and so on. I have releases in different music labels such as Strings and Hopes Berlin, Deutsche Grammophon, Running Back, Exploited and Get Physical.

I write and produce music. Most of the music I composed was used for feature films, documentaries, animations and TV series. Projects I have worked on were presented at HBO, Netflix, arte, ZDF, ARD, Canal Brasil and in countries like USA, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Argentina.

I live and work by Frankfurter Tor, in the neighborhood of Friedrichshain, in Berlin.

As a pianist, my music walks through Minimalism, Expressionism and Latin and Brazilian influences. I already performed in stages in Brazil, Germany, Portugal and Holland. Right now I'm working on the release of my first record, which is planned for this year.

I also like to do music for art projects, installations and to write songs for other artists."

Music is my life.
Rossano Snel

Gerd Janson:
Composer, Conductor & Performer

Gerd Janson is running the German label Running Back together with Thorsten Scheu (aka Glance). As many kids who have grown up in the early 90s in the South West of Germany, Gerd Janson was a regular guest at Mannheim’s legendary Milk Club. Although this venue was most popular for putting jungle on the map in Germany, Gerd always used to wait eagerly for the early morning hours when the pace slowed down and US styled house was the ruling sound. In the following years, his deep love for house and disco music was fed in Frankfurt’s Wild Pitch Club by Heiko MSO and Ata. In 1998, Gerd Janson finally had his first DJ residency at Darmstadt’s Café Kesselhaus.

Gerd Janson has been serving the hottest house and disco cuts at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson where he has been hosting the Liquid club nights together with DJ heavyweight Thomas Hammann for the past few years. Without a doubt, Gerd Janson is one of the hottest talents on the German DJ circuit. The word has spread, and so he’s travelling a lot as a DJ now. And when not spinning records he’s known as a prolific music journalist writing for Groove magazine or Spex …, or he’s busy working at the Pentagon Recordstore in his hometown Darmstadt and as part of the staff for the Red Bull Music Academy. Recently, he even started doing shitty remixes for acts like Antena or DJ Designer Imposter and released a compilation of weirdo 80ies jams together with Jazzanova on Sonar Kollektiv. Don’t you like that?

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Bio:
One of our most treasured Academy team members, Gerd Janson is the quintessential DJ’s DJ, unearthing the gems that get other music lovers hot and excited. The man has his plate full. Whether at the helm of the long-running Liquid club night at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson with DJ comrade Thomas Hammann, dishing out simmering analog House as co-owner of label Running Back, or penning many a story for Germany’s Spex and Groove magazines, not to mention his scholarship of American studies, he seems to run on more powerful batteries than the rest of us. Enjoy this adventure through magic dance music new & old, with special guest appearance by Kool DJ Pink Alert. It’s risky, but it’ll make you frisky.

Tuff City Kids:
Composer, Conductor & Performer
Tuff City Kids @ Web

Gerd Janson and Phillip Lauer are creatures of habit. Every week, the two club veterans meet up at Phillipʼs studio and spend an entire day making tunes. And while Gerd often likes to joke that his role in the arrangement is limited to making coffee and looking at his cell phone, itʼs clear that the two men have forged a potent partnership, one thatʼs been responsible for an astonishing amount of dancefloor heat over the past few years.

Incredibly, this German pair has managed to maintain a relatively low profile, despite the steady stream of music theyʼve released via well-respected labels like Unterton, Delsin, Internasjonal, Permanent Vacation and Live at Robert Johnson. And then there are the remixes—Azari & III, Scuba, The Juan Maclean, Fort Romeau, Avalon Emerson, Massimiliano Pagliara and Sinkane are just a small sampling of the artists whoʼve enlisted Tuff City Kids to work their studio magic. Throughout it all, there have been whispers of a proper Tuff City Kids album, and now that Adoldesscent has arrived, it will be all but impossible for the duo to linger in the background. After all, the LP is anything but shy—thanks in part to hooky vocal turns from the likes of Annie, Joe Goddard, Kelley Polar and Jasnau—and even the albumʼs instrumental cuts feature some clear nods to various eras of dance-pop, from the boogie-inflected funk of “Wake People” to the breakbeat techno of “Boilered” and the tweaky rave nostalgia of “Nordo.” Elsewhere, first single “Labyrinth” is an infectious bit of new wave, while the guitar-driven “Scared” recalls the gloomier side of ʼ80s pop and “Tell Me” is perhaps the recordʼs most playfully soulful moment.

DJs will likely gravitate toward the darting strings of “Aska” and breezy vibes of “Farewell House,” yet Adoldesscent isnʼt entirely focused on the dancefloor. Dreamy opener “Ophmar” evokes the legacy of John Carpenter, while the crunchy “R-Mancer”

"Borndom" Album on Permanent Vacation

The first cut may be the deepest, but the second hurts the most!

It might be commonplace, but it holds some self-evident truth for the return of Lauer - to the album format that is. Three years after his debut “Phillips” on Running Back, the melody man from the outback of Frankfurt am Main presents Borndom: a thirteen track trip through a universe that is specifically his. Far from being a stranger to Permanent Vacation with singles like Delta NRG or Donnerlake being heralds of the things to come, it provides a home to their spiritual kinship and ethos.

Rooted in pop music and mixed with the reactance and sound aesthetics of punk, while wearing dancing shoes, you'll be hard pressed to find lots of contemporaries that till a similar field. With a sound signature, a melodic repertoire and an emotional quality that is immediately recognizable, often yearns for vocals (a point of criticism that is minimized as you will see in just a second) and is if nothing else highly individualised, Lauer might one of the thoroughly honest indie dancers out there.

Unlike his other adventures in club music (hardly lets a week go by without a release or a remix for the most critically-acclaimed outfits on this planets either on his own, under the Hotel Lauer umbrella or as being part of Tuff City Kids), his second album makes the most use of these moments and that specific stylistic. Of course, you can find typical high flying Lauer moments like “Mausback” or “Hump Acid” or the Nu-Groove-esque desire dubbed“Pal Oh”, but the image of a singer-songwriter with a midi-kit prevails. There are miniatures like “Carpet”, the blissful melancholia of the opener “Crewners”, the album's title track that sounds like the lost soundtrack to an eighties sitcom about college nerds and maybe most startling, Borndom's vocal features. “ESC” (feat. Jasnau) being the proverbial cold wave mating dance in the neon light, while the two songs with Ela take care of romantic highs and lows.

Sounding like something that a band of the past made to be heard in a very distant future, Phillip Lauer's second album sees him at his most matured and endured: Borndom!

Tyler Pope:
Composer, Producer & Performer

"Tyler Pope is a multi instrumentalist who plays bass with "LCD Soundsystem" and in the past has worked with many artists like "!!!" and "Cake".
He also currently produces music in collaboration with "!!!" guitar player Mario, under the name "Tyler and MAndre".
Tyler works out of his Berlin studio whenever he has time off of touring.
His new track with LOPAZZ has been signed on the" Mannheim 24hours TV-documentary".

Composer, Producer & Performer

Based near Frankfurt SHAN might have already been a familiar face amidst the locals, however, his international presence is most certainly on the rise. The producer is perhaps best known for his interaction with Gerd Janson's Running Back imprint on which he has released a string of EP's and collaborated. He has worked closely with Tuff City Kids and has further released on the likes of Beats In Space, Edhid and The Healing Company. His dynamic take on house music is progressive yet draws upon formative roots within the genre, a fiercely talented disc jockey he is very much in demand.

President Bongo:
Composer, Producer & Performer

Stephan Stephensen (b.1971) aka Gluteus Maximus aka ADSR aka President Bongo aka President Penis wears many hats, but likes to refer to himself as ‘an emotional carpenter’. And the name is fitting: throughout his illustrious career, Bongo has built, tooled, shaped and reconstructed reality in a manner that has touched upon the emotional spheres of thousands, greatly increasing their quality of life and inner harmony in the process.

Mark Barrott:
Composer, Producer & Performer

Starting out in the mid 90s as Future Loop Foundation, Mark has composed music for numerous films & TV shows, before founding one of the world's leading music consultancies, providing music services to the luxury hospitality industry worldwide. In 2008 he founded the highly respected International Feel label in Uruguay, where his A&Ring tempted the elusive DJ Harvey out of studio retirement for his genre-defying Locussolus project. He followed it with original work from the likes of Quiet Village & Gatto Fritto and remixes from artists such as Italian cosmic disco don Daniele Baldelli and Todd Terje.

Initially preferring the freedom of working anonymously, he has recently admitted to contributing to a large part of the International Feel catalogue himself, via nom de plumes such as Rocha, Bepu N'Gali, Flights of Fancy, Boys from Patagonia and The Young Gentleman's Adventure Society.

The summer of 2014 saw him finally release an album under his own name, 'Sketches from an Island'. Its beautiful artwork and quirky take on the music that eventually metamorphized into chill-out, has become the label's most successful and critically acclaimed release. This was followed by a second album in 2016. Stand-alone EP's 'Bush Society', 'Cascades', 'Music for Presence' and 2017's 'The Pathways of our Lives' have cemented Mark Barrott's place as 'One of the world's finest purveyors of music to chill out to - he is the Master of Sunset Music' (Pitchfork).

Record Store Day 2018 saw the release of his critically acclaimed remixes of the Tears for Fears classic 'Head over Heels' and in Summer 2019 he stepped up once again for the third volume of the lauded 'Hostal La Torre' compilation series. The past 12 months have seen him spread his wings once more and move into the world of music production and co-writing for a variety of different artists, spanning multiple genres.

Xavier Bussy:
compositeur / interprète
Email: xavierbussy[at]

Xavier Bussy a le goût de la mélodie.

Son dessein: valoriser un système mélodique simple servi par des arrangements sophistiqués. Son domaine de prédilection: un romantisme exacerbé, maltraité par des rythmes lancinants... Sur son rocher, Gustave Malher s'éprendrait-il des roses oiseaux Floydien? C'est sur scène qu'il fait ces armes en accompagnant de nombreux artistes ; Rachel des Bois, Clair Obscur, Eddy Louiss, Anthony Ortega... couvrant un large spectre allant du jazz à la chanson en passant par le rock. Très vite le désir de composer s’impose. Premières collaborations avec Marcel Kanche, premières écritures pour le théâtre, le documentaire et la publicité (compositions pour les films réalisés par Darius Khondji et Mathieu Kassovitz pour le parfum Miracle de Lancôme ).

Au cours des années 2000, il réalise les albums du groupe BUSSY (rock lyrique qui explore l'univers d'Edgar Poe) avec la complicité de Frédéric Jaillard. Ensemble, ils coréalisent l'album "Comme un manouche sans guitare" de Thomas Dutronc, et reçoivent en 2009 une Victoire de la Musique. Depuis 2008, il partage son temps entre réalisations et arrangements d'albums pour les majors (Universal), labels indépendants (Because Music), et continue à être sollicité pour ses musiques à l'image (Lobster Films), arrangements de musiques de films « Adèle Blanc-Sec » (Luc Besson) «L'amour, c'est mieux à deux » (Dominique Farrugia).

Composer, Producer & Performer

Adeline is a producer and vocalist with a unique style that has won her fans across the globe. She’s a diminutive figure punching well above her weight in the DJ booth and studio and always manages to have crowds in the palm of her hand. Brought up in the rolling Swedish countryside, Adeline couldn’t resist the allure of the underground club scene in Stockholm and with countrywoman La Fleur started performing as Housewives. Before long she was presenting on Scandinavia’s biggest radio show as well as working as a curator for SoundCloud.

In recent years she has spent time in New York, Milan and Berlin and then landed in London before moving to Ibiza where she secured her own residency at Pacha’s Destino venue as well as Tox, playing alongside the likes of AudioFly, DJ Tennis and Blond: Ish. Never far from radio, Adeline also hosts her own show on Pulse and has interviewed the likes of Cassy, Ryan Crosson and tINI as a result. With a strong sense of self and an ability to lay down hypnotizing chords and wobbly bass next to magic melodies, Adeline’s own playful vocals are the icing on the cake. Her first releases were snapped up by established labels like Get Physical’s Kindisch and climbed up the Beatport charts, staying in the Top 20 for three weeks. More greatness followed on Resonance and LA’s Culprit label, as did gigs at Sonar and Eastern Electrics and collaborations with No Regular Play’s Greg Paulus. Now that Adeline has established herself, she continues to confound expectation and is a rightfully respected modern talent.

Victor Schaab:
Composer, Producer & Performer

With his first release ever „Vicarus feat. D.N.A. - Above the sky" on Kontor-Records, he immediately climbed up the charts with several licenses like „Top of the Clubs", several hundreds of thousand sales and clicks and happy souls.

He´s currently working on his debut-album and his first scores for TV-Productions.

Erwin Ditzner:
Composer, Producer & Performer

Ditzner’s life as a drummer started at an early age and from the get-go it was specked with revolt, which so often ends in capitulation but rarely in unsuspected mastery...

The journey started at the age of ten and as a young man Ditzner entered the Wiesbaden Academy of Music, but left after two years to go on tour with renowned bands such as Guru Guru, Rif and Sanfte Liebe. Later he played concerts with well-known musicians such as Alfred Harth, Peter Brötzmann or Hannes Bauer, collaborated in about 30 records and... but let’s not get into numbers, there’s an excellent Wikipedia article on the web. Let us rather turn to his playing, as this is what made him one of the most original drummers of our time.

As all or most masters of a trade do, Ditzner abhors dogma. Or rather, he simply does not give a damn. It is exactly because of this attitude and because he draws his originality from himself and not from the “ten commandments of jazz” or the “law of rock” that he is at home in all genres. He always serves the music and shapes it at the same time. And then dogma does enter the picture, his dogma: listen and see what happens. An aspiration only a true master of his trade can live up to. Is Ditzner such a master? Anyone in doubt has never heard him play. Finally, another trait of true masters: reduction. Ditzner’s drum set has been shrinking with the years; today he often only takes along his snare. Why should he take along more? It’s completely sufficient. And this is exactly how he then works: hear and play the bare essentials.

The bottom line therefore is that you will rarely hear a drummer who does so much with so little.

DJ T.:
Producer & Performer

Thomas Koch aka DJ T. has been a vital part of electronic music and club culture for over 20 years. Uniquely accomplished in both influence and scope, he has excelled in every one of his incarnations: DJ, label owner, producer, club operator, publisher and journalist. Having recently closed one chapter of his working life - behind the scenes of Get Physical Music management - DJ T. is now primed to conquer 2011 purely as an artist, with his highly-anticipated third LP Pleasure Principle.

As disco reached its shimmering apex in the late 1970s, young Dusseldorf-born Thomas relocated to Frankfurt with his family. His parents plied him with vinyl compilations, and as a nine-year-old he succumbed to disco’s seductive charms, beginning a lifelong commitment to crate digging and vinyl collection. Thomas’ budding obsession moved through disco and hi-nrg, to the burgeoning sounds of early American rap & hiphop music, and finally to electro-funk, the beloved genre that has left an indelible imprint on all of DJ T.’s own productions. It was love at first listen, and driven by the sounds of seminal protagonists like Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Patrol, Newcleus and Mantronix, Thomas took up breakdancing, compelled to move by the genre's urgent funk and infectious beats.

Donning a new pseudonym - DJ T. - his career behind the decks began in earnest at private parties, soon leading to his first professional gig in Frankfurt. After playing for a range of clubs around the city, T. soon found himself swept away by the powerful current of acid house that had engulfed Frankfurt with the opening of Sven Väth’s Omen in 1988. T. gravitated toward early house, EBM and techno, and secured his first DJ residency at legendary spot Music Hall. Throughout the 1990s, he was booked at all of the city’s essential clubs, including long lasting residencies at Plastik, Dorian Gray and The Box; by the end of that decade, Frankfurt, one of Europe’s epicentres of electronic dance music, had become indelibly linked with the name ‘DJ T.’

In 1989, T. founded the influential German-language magazine Groove. T.’s intention, in his own words, was to “create a magazine that would meet my own needs. I assumed there were many others with similar needs out there.” He was right. To this day, it remains as one of Germany’s most important publications for electronic music, and in addition to serving as Groove’s publisher and editor for fifteen years, T. also contributed to anthologies on club music, such as Localiser 1.0 and Techno.

At the end of the millennium, after years spent coordinating events and club nights, T. felt impelled to bring his own club vision to life. In 1999, T. and his friend Patrik Dechent opened Monza, an intimate club situated in Frankfurt’s city centre. In his capacity as resident DJ and musical director, T. played a decisive role in shaping the profile of the Frankfurt hotspot and its Ibizan satellite, before parting ways with Monza five years after its inception.

In 2002, T. and five of his friends started their own label, Get Physical Music. Within ten single releases, the label had forged an international reputation that took in far beyond its German base; it reached #4 in the annual Groove reader’s poll of 2004, and claimed the coveted ‘label of the year 2005’ award from British clubbing bible DJ Mag. Established by six seasoned veterans of electronic music and club culture, the label collective included DJ and production team Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.), producers Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier (Booka Shade) and studio owner Peter Hayo. Focusing his attention on A&R responsibilities, T. tirelessly scoured the scene for new talent and mentored label signees, all the while developing as an artist in his own right. Four years after inking Get Physical, its sister label Kindisch was founded. Dedicated to deepness, Kindisch was T.’s playground and he played accordingly, driving its dancefloor identity, and honing in on what he labelled the ‘minimal booty house’ sound.

T.'s production debut, Monsterbaze, with Steve Bug, graced the latter’s Pokerflat imprint in 2000, and since that time he has notched up releases on Moodmusic, 20:20 Vision, Kindisch, plus twenty 12’’ singles for Get Physical. In 2005 T. unleashed his first album Boogie Playground, a reverential collection that paid homage to T.’s past, and the strands of early club music that shaped his future. In 2009 his sophomore longplayer The Inner Jukebox was rapturously received; a co-production with Thomas Schumacher, his second longplayer is an assured work, and a singular, accomplished statement that reflects T.’s ongoing interest in rigorously re-inventing classic sounds for modern ears and dancefloors. Koch’s additional talents as a remixer have not gone unnoticed. His reworks of acts for labels like ArtofDisco, Yellow, 20:20 Vision, Simple and Naked Music have moved critics and crowds alike.

In 2006, Berlin daily TAZ remarked of T.’s first commercially available DJ mix, Body Language Vol. 2: “Koch combines tracks from the most varied of genres...triggering the most disparate of euphoria-soaked locations, he touches on the different waveforms of twenty years of party bliss.” T.'s famed selector skills took him to even loftier heights in 2010 with fabric 51, his celebrated instalment for the venerated British mix series, and a fantastically diverse and intricate mix full of sharp twists and unexpected turns, otherworldly soundscapes and deep elegance.

Whether DJing in his hometown of 5 years, Berlin, gigging internationally, T.’s sets are invariably stirring and extraordinarily varied. T. is no style fascist, nor is he a slave to trends; he is a bass- and groove-addicted club historian, with a firm grasp of the contemporary. His sets turn 25 years of electronic music history into one finely rendered journey, transforming the links between genres and ages into a truly physical experience, whether he's capturing the peaktime party spirit, or sending early morning crowds into veritable delirium with one of his famed marathon excursions. T. embarked on an exhaustive 9-month world tour in the summer of 2009 with The Inner Jukebox, and drew on his journalistic background to document the experience, writing a weekly tour diary for online electronic music magazine Beatportal. Invigorated and inspired by his extensive travels, T. channelled that kinetic energy straight back into creativity, undertaking an intensive period of writing and production in early 2010. With new production partner Stefan Eichinger aka LOPAZZ, DJ T. devoted the greater part of the year to Eichinger’s Heidelberg studio, and the resulting album „The Pleasure Principle“ is T.’s most accomplished work yet.

Alexander Neumann:
Composer, Producer & Performer

Repeatedly called one of techno's true maverick producers, Alex has been working on his particular vision of Techno, House, and Electronica since the early nineties without ever being awarded with the transient attention of being in the limelight. Nonetheless, he could win over many famous DJs with his idiosyncratic productions, and is commonly seen as a musicians' musician. His exstatic, psychedelic, and funky live-sets are traded as special recommendations for true music lovers and keen dancers. There simply is not much out there that sounds like him.

Under his various guises, Alex has released more than 50 vinyls, and is present on countless compilations. As Alex Cortex, from his early days on Move D's legendary Source Records, his releases on Klang Elektronik, Kanzleramt, Delsin-offshoot Ann Aimee, Baby Ford's PAL SL imprint, Platzhirsch, Kahlwild, Pomelo, Killekill, Skudge, MNX, Trust, and Barba Records are nothing short of exceptional. Since 2011 he also releases as LD Nero, where he dropped successful records on Get Physical Music, Gerd Janson's labels Running Back and Misfit Melodies, Studio Barnhus, Baby Ford's labels Trelik and PAL SL, among others. Together with legendary producer and mastering engineer LOPAZZ he forms the freestyle techno duo Bad Cop Bad Cop, who released visionary leftfield music on Killekill, Pomelo, MNX, Kahlwild, and Lasergun. Apart from that, Alex has several more pseudonyms, some known, some secret, under which he regularly releases his special brand of production. He also works on movie scores, music for ads and PR, as well as doing sound design.

Ever since his first vinyl release in 1996, he has been playing gigs as DJ and LIVE all over Europe. He appeared at big venues like London's Fabric or Berlin's Berghain, as well as smaller but not less legendary clubs like Barcelona's Moog or Hamburg's Golden Pudel. The long list of clubs spanning appearances over 20 years includes famous now closed institutions like Munich's Ultraschall, Glasgow's Soundhaus, or Mannheim's HD800, and over the last years has seen him repeatedly at Berlin addresses like Suicide Circus or Griessmühle.

Nick Maurer:
Producer & Performer

Nick Maurer is a native of Chicago who has been writing, producing and performing music for over 25 years. His arrival in the world of dance culture was solidified with his co-founding of Chicago's iconic Greenskeepers in 1998. Over the course of many years his signature vocal and instrumental contributions propelled the band forward and led to musical appearances in film, television, advertisement and video games.

Many know Nick for his more recent vocal performances on collaborations with artists like DJ T, Luke Solomon, M.A.N.D.Y. vs LOPAZZ and Monika Kruse. But his first vocal hit surfaced in 2002 when the Classic Music Company released Greenskeepers dance floor anthem Should I Sing Like This. The song's tongue-in-cheek take on vocal house perfectly demonstrates the off-the-wall style Nick is known for, and gave his band the street credit it needed to move onwards and upwards.

For many years Nick faithfully performed the role of front-man for the Greenskeepers live show. His signature stage looks have been spotted at events/clubs like Park Life (Australia), T In the Park (Scotland), Fabric (London), Avalon (Los Angeles), Electric Daisy (Ireland) and SXSW (Austin, TX). Nick is also a talented DJ and has slammed dance floors from Hamburg to Tokyo to Honolulu. He is currently working with the Unbound Artist Management team in Frankfurt, Germany.

Maurer is also a talented multi-instrumentalist and prides himself on being able to hold his own on piano, guitar, drums and the ever infamous recorder. His most recent efforts can be found under the moniker Faded Ranger, a two man project signed to HFN Music (Hamburg). The group's first full length was release in November of 2014 along with a number of singles and remixes that were warmly received by critics and fans.

Nick has called Heidelberg, Germany his home since 2008. He lives just outside of town and can be found riding his long board through the fields...when he's not locked down in his studio or on the road. His plans for the future are simple: to continue releasing good music and winning the hearts and minds of as many fans as possible.

Producer & Performer

M.A.N.D.Y. - Double Fantasy ( Album, Vinyl & Digital )

The first chords remind of a film sequence. A lonesome whistle like in an Italian western, sparingly placed tones like in a film noir. A high-pitched child’s voice calls out to us, “Clap Your Hands.” Lasting not even 50 seconds, “Mikado” co-written and produced by Rossano Snel and LOPAZZ is the altogether headstrong first track from Double Fantasy. A small warm-up set, typical for a DJ-album of a special nature.

Beginning with the fact, this is their first album. Although, its protagonists have been an integral part of the international electronic scene for over fifteen years. Friends since boyhood, Patrick Bodmer and Philipp Jung, at the beginning of the millennium, called the Duo M.A.N.D.Y. into being at the Monza Club in Frankfurt. Originally, an energetic DJ-collective with their core area house, they soon both switched to the producer-business. A remix from 2001 for French Formation Galleon counts as their first music record release. Dozens of other songs followed. For instance, their celebrated song “Body Language” was —not only in Ibiza— “Track of the Season 2005”. Bodmer and Jung are hard party-workers. They love to travel and entertain. A tried and true team behind the decks, they see their roots clearly in the old school of electronic and hip-hop. M.A.N.D.Y redefined these roots with rhythm and sound again and again.

“Of course we had the idea to make an official M.A.N.D.Y album out of this immense variety a long time ago. But we did not want a stapled together snapshot. After all, we were and are on the road world-wide with countless sets. So the endeavor took a little bit longer,” Phillip Jung stresses. Patrick Bodmer adds, “In a career, it’s expected to release a long-format as soon as possible. For us, it was not the most important thing in the universe!” Their spirited beginning in Frankfurt was followed by a move to Berlin in 2002. With their buddies from Booka Shade and Thomas Koch alias DJ T., they founded their own label Get Physical, counted world-wide as one of the top-five house music labels. Here, their understanding of sound — beyond their own work— found a solid home. Just like their parties, M.A.N.D.Y stands for continuous commitment and free thought. Out of their exhilarating sound-atmospheres, avant-garde sound cathedrals rise-up. Just as their vinyl discs literally turn into instruments in their hands. Enough raw material for a grand whole.

In a continuous process about 50 compositions were created out of which M.A.N.D.Y chose thirteen songs for “Double Fantasy” and reworked appropriately. And yes, their classic “Body Language” is also back, of course, in a version for 2016, reworked by their long-time companion Stefan Eichinger alias Lopazz who as an accomplished composer & mixmastering-engineer is responsible for the complete production of Double Fantasy. All tracks have been co-written, produced or finalized at his studios.

A body of work that already demonstrates in its song titles —like “Without A Plan In Seattle” or “Housewives On Crack” — a sovereign and playfully light handling of the genre. The selection of international guest-artists highlights M.A.N.D.Y.’s broad array of styles. During the ghostly track “Whisper”, Africa Bam Bam from the New York hip-hop crew Jungle Brothers raps, vocoder voices impressively conjure the long tradition of house and hip-hop.

The South African song-genius Nonku Phiri in turn accompanies a poplyphone-spatter sound carpet by the classically schooled Francesco Tristano. Elements of jazz and spots from Kraftwerk shine through before finally, in “Jupiter”, a forceful beat manages to win the upper hand. Jimmy Vallance from Canadian Domino-Act Bob Moses (“Tomorrow Is Another Night“), Brett Johnson (“Rhythm & Soul”), and LD Nero (“Rabbit Mountain”) complement the resounding list of studio partners.

M.A.N.D.Y consciously did not want a party-record but a body of work that could completely turn a relaxed bar into a dance floor. Laid-back hanging out transforms into a big jumble. More elegant and floaty than swinging a huge bass hammer, this carefully curated debut shows the grand masters of organic house-sounds in an iridescent variety: relaxed, inspired and within distance of electro-craft conventions.

Deafny Moon:
Producer & Performer

Deafny Moon started her career with vocal- and writing collaborations on classic-tracks like "Migracion", "High Time", "Ciegos" and "2 fast 4 u" released on world renown labels like Get Physical Music and Output-Recordings. Countless Live-Shows all over the globe with stops at the legendary "Palais des Festival" in Cannes, France, Honolulu, NYC, San Francisco, Miami, Moscow, Rome, Madrid, Berlin and London showed her talent to an international audience. For the UNESCO-TV-Series "Heritage of Mankind - Treasures of the World" she co-produced the outstanding Jazz-Tune "Estrella" which has also been released on Compost Records´Black Label 12" Vinyl-Record-Series. She´s been working on new music for TV-Productions and Albums which will be on air in 2017.

Francis Cugat:
Composer, Producer & Performer

francis cugat aka Le Grand Black

began to write songs again in winter 2013 after several self-published productions over the last 20 years, following a deep inner wish to reinvent his musical self.

during the following months he wrote over 150 songs which combine all his favorite musical styles from chanson, pop , techno, electronic, downbeats, ambient, to disco and jazz.

The first release of an assemblage of this material is the album „the music" with the band le grand black which has been released by the label buddhist army, nyc/usa in october 2015.

Currently he is working on a disco orientated album called „for now, i`m staying alive" and several other projects with concerts all over Germany.

Miguel Rendeiro:
Composer, Producer & Performer

Talent and cunning are just some of the characteristics that made Miguel Rendeiro one of the greatest names of the Portuguese electronic music scene.

Mentor and creator of the biggest beach party in Europe, Energie Azurara, this artist is one of Connect Music Agency founders and partner of the innovative Anti-Pop Music Festival, now enshrined as Neopop Festival.

His eclectic taste combined with technical skill and a shrewd intelligence already rewarded him with prizes, awards like the silver disc, MTV Newcomer Award and many invitations for the best and biggest national and international events.

Today, he is invited to perform in clubs like Watergate (Berlin), Chaca Chaca ( Munich ), City Hall (Barcelona) or the London 1001 and The Egg and at festivals like Creamfields. His productions for labels such as Circle Music, Brick House Records (Germany), OKO Records (London), and the consecrated Get Physical Music (Germany), placed him in the world circuit and earned him remixes from Phonique, LOPAZZ or Muzzaik, among others.

His ep´s, co-produced by LOPAZZ, received praise from artists such as Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Luciano, Josh Wink, or 2000 and One, enshrining him as one of the best Portuguese artists with international prestige.

Portugese Version:

Talento e astúcia são apenas algumas das características que fizeram de Miguel Rendeiro um dos nomes mais sonantes da cena musical electrónica portuguesa.

Mentor e criador da maior beach party da Europa, a Energie Azurara, o produtor/dj é um dos fundadores da Connect Music Agency e parceiro do inovador Anti-Pop Music Festival, agora consagrado como Neo Pop, como do novo Energie Music Vilar de Mouros.

O seu gosto eclético aliado à destreza técnica e uma inteligência sagaz já o recompensou com prémios, galardões e muitos convites para os melhores e maiores eventos nacionais e internacionais.

Dono de um disco de prata, para longe ficou os tempos em que actuava por brincadeira em bares e festas de faculdade. Hoje, é convidado a actuar em clubs como Watergate (Berlin), Chaca Chaca (Munique), City Hall (Barcelona) ou os londrinos 1001 e The Egg, e em festivais como o Creamfields. As suas produções para labels como Brick House Records (Alemanha), OKO Records (Londres) e para a consagrada Get Physical Music (Alemanha), colocaram-no no circuito mundial e valeram-lhe remisturas de Phonique, LOPAZZ ou Muzzaik, entre outros.

O seu último ep, “Mafaldinha”, co-produzido por LOPAZZ, recebeu elogios de artistas como Laurent Garnier, John Digweed, Luciano, Josh Wink ou 2000 and One, consagrando-o como um dos artistas portugueses de maior prestígio internacional . Agora temos um disco novo; " In my mind feat Nick Maurer " pela Circle Music - Alemanha.

Faded Ranger:
Composer, Producer & Performer

Having re-located to Germany from Chicago and London, Nick Maurer and Neville Attree find themselves at musical crossroads, neither quite sure which way to turn. By chance, they hook up while DJing in the tranquil surroundings of Heidelberg where, somewhat starved of home comforts, hanging out in the studio becomes the only logical thing to do. Results are immediate with every session producing ideas of scope and substance. The collaboration becomes a melting pot for their musical and cultural influences, producing a refreshingly unselfconscious collection of songs that encompass a variety of electronic genres. The chemistry is potent; Maurer’s gift for bite-size storytelling, laced with innuendo and slow burning wit, make his vocal stylings the perfect foil for Attree’s intricate, melodic arrangements. Found-sound ambience, dusty samples and infectious hook lines flicker and brood while the dynamic beats and rhythms ensure the tunes gravitate towards the dance floor without sacrificing the music’s distinctive crossover appeal. …and so it goes, Faded Ranger stumbles into existence – a meeting of minds, born out of circumstance and driven by a growing sense of destiny. With lives focused on the art of making people dance, the pair have a broad spectrum of experience to draw on. Attree began DJing proto-house, hip hop and rare groove back in late-eighties London and released on a few small independent labels during the nineties. Then, after moving to Germany in 2001 he became involved with LoFi Stereo, releasing tracks as Further and Nev Eleven before Gumption Recordings in 2005. Meanwhile, Maurer’s adventures as the front man of Chicago’s iconic Greenskeepers have taken him around the world as a DJ and performer. His inventive, floor friendly vocals remain in constant demand and over the past few years he’s consolidated his solo reputation on collaborations with Lopazz, DJ T, and M.A.N.D.Y. to name but a few. It’s also fair to say, their contrasting musical influences and interests outside the dance scene lend the project an extra sense of depth and a certain flair for the dramatic. After heavy doses of classical piano training as a kid, Maurer’s song writing skills were honed on guitar and drums under the influence of skateboarding and alt-rock, whereas Attree embraced all things electronic - from Heaven 17 to White Noise to Street Sounds Electro. More recently, he’s also been working as a musical director and composer for experimental theatre projects in Stuttgart and Heidelberg. Faded Ranger is signed to HFN Recordings and is set to unleash the debut album Mechanical Tonight in Fall of 2014.