Since the early 1990´s we have been composing and publishing music for record-labels, filmmakers and TV-companies, like the style-forming "The Foodhunter", "Marco-Polo" & "Wanderlust!" TV-series by our partners Along Mekong Productions. We are proud of the worldwide airplays, album and single releases on tape, vinyl, dvd, cd and digital domains like itunes, spotify & beatport.

The Creation-Lab ( ) offers state-of-the-art technique and skill-sets. The reference list of world renown artists, labels and directors speaks for itself. Our artist roster is full of familiar and professional spirits with artists from America and Europe who have licensed works to succesful outlets like Deutsche Bahn, HBO, Berlinale Filmfestival, Netflix, MOMA NYC, Goethe Institute, Apple, UNESCO as well as music-labels like Running Back, Permanent Vacation, Get Physical, Cocoon, DFA and Universal-Music.

In 2011 we joined co-publishing forces with Schacht Musikverlage ( SMV ) in Hamburg. The Beatles signed their first publishing agreement with SMV in 1961.
Don´t hesitate to write us for more info. Thank you. Danke schoen.

Stefan Eichinger
Steffen Neuert
Ailie Robertson
Rossano Snel
Gerd Janson
Tuff City Kids

Tyler Pope
President Bongo
Mark Barrott
Xavier Bussy


Victor Schaab
Erwin Ditzner

Alexander Neumann
Nick Maurer

Deafny Moon

Francis Cugat

Miguel Rendeiro
Faded Ranger